vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Zebra Rainbow

Hey girls!
Today I made my first tutorial.
It didn't turn out that good, I mean like the nails, the video itself is okay.
But I still want to show you what I did, like the idea!
It's very simple, but it takes pretty long because every colour has to dry very well before you can go on.
Here it is:

- Add a glitter topcoat in place of a normal topcoat

Please leave a comment about how you like the idea and you can give me some tips.

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Plastic Bag Nail Method

Hi guys!
I showed you the Louis Vuitton nails in the previous message.
But for some of us it is very difficult to make the Louis Vuitton sign, so someone came up with the plastic bag method! It is very handy and easy for the ones who don't have a very steady hand. I tried the method myself and it worked! I have a video and I will just write down the steps here.

1. Get a plastic bag, it can be any plastic bag, but I prefer a ziplock bag.
2. Try to get it very flat
3. Draw the design that you want on your nail with nail polish, on the plastic bag. Make sure that it is pretty thick.
4. Use a top coat for the extra shine, and to make it a little bit thicker. On one side put a little polish also where there is no design.
5. Let it dry for about 2-4 hours or longer. But not shorter, it is important that it's completly dry.
6. Take a toothpick and try to push very soft on the side wich has some more polish.
7. Use a tweezer to get it completly of. Watch out because it breaks easy.
8. Use a topcoat on your nail, and lay the design on it, when the topcoat hasn't dried yet.
9. Seal with a topcoat.

A video: This starts with a tutorial about something else, but it was the best that I could find. I'll maybe make one myself soon.

Designer Nails

Hey guys!
I was on youtube watching different nail tutorials, and I found this really cool Louis Vuitton inspired nail design. I'm really into the brands like, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and so on. The nails are designed by 3TanjaJ3. Maybe you know her from other tutorials, she is a great nail artist. So this design is actually really easy to do on your own hand, and you don't need a lot of special stuff for it. I didn't yet try it on my own nails because of the treatment, but this is the first design I'm gonna do on my nails when possible, I'll take a picture and show you guys how the design turned out. Now here is the video:

- You can use a toothpick in place of the little brush, if you don't have it.
- You can make the Louis Vuitton sign on a piece of plastic (Read my next message for explanation)

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Chip nails treatment

Hello again..
Currrently I'm doing a treatment. It works against chip nails, and it makes your nails harder en it makes them grow longer easier. I'm using from Herome the Nail harderner strong and I used a file from douglas, it's called miracle shiner. I first just cut my nails and file them a little bit. Than you have to file over your nail so get all the stuff off. haha. Then you have to polish your nail with the herome thing. One layer everyday, it's just a transparant nail polish. You continue that for 14 days and after that you have strong non chipped nails. You can repeat this twice a year. You can buy the stuff I use in Douglas. It's a shop in Holland and they also have it in Germany and I don't know if they have it somewhere else.. But I think you can also use a buffer in place of the douglas file and the herome thing you can also buy in a other parfum shop I think.

- Herome nail hardener strong (11,95 euro)
- Douglas file (3,99 euro)

Essence Stampy Kit

Hello again.
I bought the Essence Stampy kit last week. I really hate that I can't test it on my nails because I'm doing a treatment of two weeks. But I tested it on a little paper and on somebody's hands. It works very good. I made a video of the process on paper. It's like a really really bad toturial, but in two or more weeks there is going to come a better toturial on my own hands.
In this video I used:
- Essence nail art stampy polish in black    (1,40 euro)
- Essence nail art stampy designs             (1,40 euro)
- Essence nail art stampy set                    (2,99 euro)
- Essence colour & go quick drying nail polish in mellow yellow  (1,29 euro)
I bought all the stuff in 't Kruidvat. It's a dutch shop and you don't have it anywhere else in the world. But you can order these stampy sets on http://www.konad-nails.com/. It's a world wide shop and it's even better quality than the essence set. But it maybe a little more expensive.

How to grow healthy long nails

Hey guys,
I always had problems with it myself. Growing long nails does cost time and it doesn't always work.
I have 4 tips here how to grow long nails, I'm doing a treatment right now to get hard nails, and so they don't chip anymore. I will tell more about that in a other message. But what I wanted to say is that I cannot try these tips out myself right now, but when the treatment is over, I will sure use these tips, and then I can tell you guys if it works.
Now here are the tips.

  • 1
    Getting your nails to grow fast is really about taking care of them and keeping them healthy. Nails grow about 1/8 inch per month but what keeps nails from getting long is more about nail damage and poor nail care than about slow growth. Taking care of your nails is about taking care of yourself as the nails are often the first thing doctor's look at to judge a person's general health.

  • 2
    Shape your nails from the outside edge toward the middle, moving the emery board in one direction only rather than sawing it back and forth which damages the nail. Soaking nails in warm, soapy water before pushing cuticles back makes for less scraping on the nail bed (the pink part of the nail).

  • 3
    Condition nails with the same hand cream used on hands.Keeping nail polish on will keep nails from splitting, tearing or cracking. When doing a manicure, choose a nail shape that is wide and more square which is less apt to break, rather than a pointier oval shape. Using an oily nail polish remover will also help.

  • 4
    Eat a balanced diet to prevent vitamin deficiencies that create unhealthy nail conditions such as peeling, splitting or brittle nails. Don't fuss with your nails all the time as over filing can cause weakening and other nail problems.

  • Welcome to my blog

    Hi guys,
    This is my first message.
    I just wanted to say that you guys can just email me with ideas for nails or stuff.
    I just started doing so much with my nails so I don't have a lot of stuff and I'm not very good at it or something. Enjoy my blog ;)