vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Chip nails treatment

Hello again..
Currrently I'm doing a treatment. It works against chip nails, and it makes your nails harder en it makes them grow longer easier. I'm using from Herome the Nail harderner strong and I used a file from douglas, it's called miracle shiner. I first just cut my nails and file them a little bit. Than you have to file over your nail so get all the stuff off. haha. Then you have to polish your nail with the herome thing. One layer everyday, it's just a transparant nail polish. You continue that for 14 days and after that you have strong non chipped nails. You can repeat this twice a year. You can buy the stuff I use in Douglas. It's a shop in Holland and they also have it in Germany and I don't know if they have it somewhere else.. But I think you can also use a buffer in place of the douglas file and the herome thing you can also buy in a other parfum shop I think.

- Herome nail hardener strong (11,95 euro)
- Douglas file (3,99 euro)

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