vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Essence Stampy Kit

Hello again.
I bought the Essence Stampy kit last week. I really hate that I can't test it on my nails because I'm doing a treatment of two weeks. But I tested it on a little paper and on somebody's hands. It works very good. I made a video of the process on paper. It's like a really really bad toturial, but in two or more weeks there is going to come a better toturial on my own hands.
In this video I used:
- Essence nail art stampy polish in black    (1,40 euro)
- Essence nail art stampy designs             (1,40 euro)
- Essence nail art stampy set                    (2,99 euro)
- Essence colour & go quick drying nail polish in mellow yellow  (1,29 euro)
I bought all the stuff in 't Kruidvat. It's a dutch shop and you don't have it anywhere else in the world. But you can order these stampy sets on http://www.konad-nails.com/. It's a world wide shop and it's even better quality than the essence set. But it maybe a little more expensive.

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